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White Nationalism - European Unity over Multiracial Diversity

I come across a lot of negativity in relation to the term 'White Nationalism,' it appears that some people don't seem to fully understand what it means.

White Nationalism in my view, is not necessarily about abandoning national identity in favour of racial identity.

Many WN's believe in ORION (Our race is our nation), but this is not born out of a wish to see an end to the nation state, many WN's also believe in Race and Nation.

If anything, White Nationalism is more a realisation that at present, the nation states of Europe are controlled by anti-white traitors at their core, who are doing everything possible to destroy historically white homelands via Mass Immigration. When you look at it this way and see that undeniable reality, I don't see why racial loyalty over national loyalty is perceived by some to be a bad thing.

The term White Nationalism basically means you are a Nationalist who believes in a homeland for your own racial kin, the nation once was this homeland, but is now under severe threat. White Nationalism isn't anti nation state, it seeks a nation or homeland for our people.

Obviously the preferred outcome for all white nationalists would be to have independent homogenous nation states which are racially aware, and not hell bent on destroying the ethnic and cultural make up of nations, however we are a million miles away from that.

I am British, I consider myself to be a British Ethno-Nationalist, but I am also a racial nationalist and therefore a white nationalist. I acknowledge that Britain today is not a place where my ethnic and racial group has a future, unless there is drastic change then the future of the indigenous British people is bleak.

When I say a future, I mean the indigenous British people having a nation to call their own that looks out for their interests as an ethnic group, a nation in which they are the ethnic majority and continue to be so. This isn't the case today and hasn't been for some time, Britain and many other Western European nations are being socially and demographically engineered into multiracial states in which the indigenous population will lose their majority status. Those ruling Britain today see it as a multicultural nation, or in real terms they see Britain as a multiracial nation, in which there is no indigenous population with interests specific to them. The ruling political class have NO intention of ensuring the future of the British Isles as a European homeland for the indigenous British people.

Those who rule over and control Britain are committed to its racial and cultural downfall, how can I have loyalty to that? It doesn't mean I hate Britain or its history, how could I ever hate the homeland of my ancestors? I couldn't. That doesn't stop me understanding that the Britain of 2014 is not really Britain at all. What will it be like in 2050, 2060? What will be the plight of the minority indigenous British population in which I may have children and grandchildren? Would I put race ahead of nation at this point, yes I would, but with a heavy heart.

I would love nothing more than to see a national rebirth based on racial and cultural awareness and consciousness, but the likelihood is that even if it does happen it will possibly be to late. What then?

When we apply this to Western Europe as a whole, then there may well come a time in the future when the national identity we once held dear is but a distant memory. White Europeans may have no other choice than to come together to create a new homeland, and I believe that WN's are aware of this and do not have faith in the direction our people and nations are headed at the present time.

White Nationalism has been labeled as 'internationalism,' but in the negative Communistic sense. The crucial difference here is that White Nationalism is based on racial preservation and not Communsitic internationalism which wants to mix all races and eradicate all national borders to rule over all of mankind with the brutality associated with Communism. White internationalism if that is what some choose to call it, is not the same as Communsitic one worldism that despises and pursues the eradication of nations and national boundaries. White Nationalism doesn't want an end to the nation, it simply sees no other alternative to the current onslaught against whites wherever they may be in the world.

White Nationalists, would be the ultimate internationalists if the Nation state were under their control, they would certainly trade with their European brothers in other nations, they would certainly cooperate with each other and work together to benefit all Europeans in their own homelands. If you want to call that internationalism then go ahead, but please don't attach the negative Communistic internationalist label to it. They are not the same thing and never will be.

If you were to ask the majority of WN's, I believe they would tell you that far from being anti nation state, they are merely accepting of the fact that the future of our people in the nation states as they are today, is simply not going to be realistically viable in the future.

Any so called Ethno-Nationalist who is happy to see their nation go down the diversity toilet just so long as they retain their 'national' identity, is not really an Ethno-Nationalist at all. Only civic nationalists who are not really nationalists but pro multiculturalists, would be happy to see a racially different nation so long as the national flag continued to fly from government buildings. This doesn't help our people, it aids their displacement. Civic nationalists wouldn't mind one bit to see a non-white prime minister, so long as he said all the right things about Britain and spoke with an Eton accent.

Culture is a racial construct, and when the original race disappears as the majority, the culture goes with them. The flying of the Union Jack over Britain in the future, in which the indigenous British people are a minority means what exactly? It means nothing. It becomes worthless, for it no longer is Britain in the truest sense. The most important marker of a European nation is its people not its flag. The flag only means something when the indigenous people are flying it as the vanguard of their national boundaries.

Anyone who attacks white nationalism is attacking possibly the only option left for our people as a racial group in the future. Politics has been a complete and utter failure for Nationalism in Europe, the evidence for this is the visual reality of Europe today. Each individual Western European nation is declining more and more each day, and despite a rise in nationalistic sentiment, we are nowhere near a viable alternative to the anti-white multiracial agenda running rampant through our homelands.

If in 30/40 years our children and grandchildren decide to move to a new homeland created by their racial brothers and sisters, then would anybody blame them for going  after the abject failure to protect their future in their own homelands? I wouldn't blame them, I would encourage them to leave the cesspit they inherited in an instant. They wouldn't be traitors for deserting the long since gone nation state with a totally alien identity.  If anything they will be victims of our failings. Would you blame a white family for moving out of London to a white area because they were the only white family in the area of London in which they lived? I wouldn't, I would offer them a room and a place at my table if I could.

Another common argument by the civic nationalists and the anti WNs is that due to EU immigration, white Genocide isn't happening.  They say it is a myth because hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans are heading to Western Europe. This is ludicrous. The damage was already done way before EU immigration began on the scale it is today. London in the UK is now majority non-white, Birmingham, Leicester and Luton are also very near to this depressing state. Many of our towns up and down the country are being Islamified before our very eyes. Yes Eastern European immigration brings its own issues added to that of mass third world immigration, but it is in no way a valid argument to suggest that White Genocide is not happening. Most if not all EU migrants would head home tomorrow if Britain were to leave the EU, however the masses of third world immigrants and their descendents would still be here having been granted citizenship status. Whites would still be heading for minority status. Third world immigration will continue regardless of whether we leave the EU or not. It is this that is the primary problem for the future of our nation.

That doesn't mean we ignore EU immigration, it simply means that aswel as doing everything possible to leave the EU, we don't lose sight of the bigger picture which is mass third world immigration and the impact it is having on the future demographic make up of our nations. Nobody in Britain for example who is a British Ethno-Nationalist has anything in common with a Polish nationalist who hates Britain or who doesn't care about the future of Britain. A Polish Nationalist in Britain voting for Labour because they support them being here, is not a Nationalist any Brit would want to know, support or associate with.

In terms of the bigger picture, if whites across Western and Eastern Europe have to at some point in the future come together as a result of our failings today, then so be it. Once our nations have been irreprebly lost to Communistic one worldism of all races and cultures, then we will have nothing left but to unite as Europeans in defence of our race in a time when the nations we once knew are long gone. If European nations can be saved then great, but hand on heart, how many of you can say that this is going to happen?

The white race is already divided enough as it is, a great majority of our people have been poisoned by Cultural Marxist propaganda to hate not only themselves, but their nations, their history and culture. Then we have whites divided along religious lines, whether it be Catholic and Protestant, Christian and Pagan. Russian and Ukrainian hostility is another example. Our people are even fighting and killing each other every weekend in our towns and cities as they consume huge amounts of alcohol designed to keep them in a semi permanent drunken state. So I don't see further division as being productive in any way whatsoever, and certainly not an aggressive approach against fellow Nationalist whites who for the most part agree on most issues.

Racial Nationalism is a crucial part of all Nationalism, without the racial continuity what does the nation become in the end? When the race has been targeted by the system for displacement and the attack is succeeding, then what?

Those who attack White Nationalism need to ask themselves a question, if you were stuck in a situation in which your life was endangered by the diversity foot soldiers, and a White Nationalist came to your aid, would you decline his help because you believe him to be a 'communist internationalist?' This stupid attack on White Nationalists is ridiculous and plays right into the hands of our enemies who hardly need to divide and conquer us when we do such a good job at doing it ourselves. They simply sit back laughing and rubbing their hands together.

As far as I am concerned, whites across Europe love their national identity, they have fought and died for it. I don’t believe that all WN's would want an end to the national identity in favour of racial unity across borders if we were not in the situation we find ourselves in today. White Nationalism is born out of  Nationalism, it is born out of a love for the blood and soil of ones ancestors. It is not an enemy of the National struggle, but a creation of it. The National struggle to a large extent has failed, look at your major towns and cities, if this is the future then are you really going to fight for this 'new National Identity' when those pulling the strings are actively working against you and have engineered you into a minority? Once the race no longer makes up the majority population then the Nation is finished. It is a conquered Nation with no room for sentiment, only the next logical step ie racial unity above all.

As Cicero said, "a Nation cannot survive treason from within," and it is true. How can the individual European nation states continue to be homelands for the indigenous European people when those running the nations are intent on their destruction? How can we be independent European nations when we are controlled by a centralised Globalist Marxist alliance in Brussels?

There is a way for us to regain control over the destiny of our people and nations, but time is fast running out. We are approaching that tipping point of no return, one thing I can guarantee though, is that white nationalists will be fighting against the traitors until the very end.

If you are white, love your nation, your continent and your people, then you are a white nationalist. Whether you are German, British, French, Dutch, American, Australian or Canadian, if you are proud of your race and nation and want to see it flourish in your ancestors image then you are a white nationalist.

There is nothing bad about the term, and I would seriously question the motives of those who seek to further divide the white race over something so trivial and unimportant, especially when they label white nationalists as 'Communist internationalists.'

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  1. Well put sir. The puppet masters are achieving their hidden agenda. I know here in America, most are cattle that the media are leading and distracting. I mean the Military is "exercising" on American streets and in towns (Jade Helm). Something is going on and preparations are being made. Something is lurking and it's right around the corner. Scary times for the ones awake.



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