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The Marxist Terrorists Behind Nelson Mandela – ‘Never Forget’

So just how deep does Jewish Marxist involvement in Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress Party’s meteoric ascent to power run? Over the next few minutes you’ll meet the men and women behind the black-face of the party.

The American Jewish Times writes “that July 30th will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the raid on Lilisleaf Farm, which at the time served as the headquarters of the Umkonto we Sizwe-the covert and military wing of underground African National Congress. All five of the non-indigenous defendants in the case brought against the group-as was eerily also the case in Marxist Bolshevik Russia, were foreign born Jewish radicals.  Similarly, the majority of the non-black defendants in the earlier Treason Trial (1956) were also Jewish, as was lead counsel and, defense attorneys. Israel’s Haaretz confirms that the head count of white opponents of Apartheid reads like a census list from one of the old Jewish shtetl/ghettos in Lithuania  (from where many South African Jews originated): Joe Slovo, Harold Wolpe, Ruth First, Albie Sacha, Ronald Segal, Dennis Goldberg, Rusty Bernstein, Solly Sachs, Helen Suzman, Ray Alexander, Ronnie Kasrils, Raymond Suttner, Ray Simons, Moishe Geller (American Zionist hatemonger Pamela Geller’s grand father) Wolfie Kodish and many others.”

Let me preface this story-the most in depth study of Jewish involvement with the African National Congress on the web, that the EKP views Nelson Mandela as little more than a Jewish pawn. This article will elaborate on this much ignored element of convicted terrorist Nelson Mandela’s rise to power and the destruction it has left in it’s wake. We also want to state for the record, we are NOT anti-Semitic (intentional misnomer). One of our contributors is in fact a Jewish anti-Zionist & American patriot named Harvey Goldstein. The EKP merely want to disseminate truth.

The mainstream Zionist controlled media will lead you to believe that the fall of South Africa’s so-called ‘fascist’ Apartheid regime was the result of a non-violent, organic revolution led by one Nelson Mandela and his rag-tag band of black freedom fighters; but was it? Does anyone with even the slightest shred of intelligence honestly believe that a gang of black communists had the intelligence & resources to take down a state as powerful as South Africa? These are people that believe raping babies will inoculate them against HIV. South Africa at the time was the world’s 9th largest economy.

Like the American NAACP, SPLC and most global civil rights organisations, the African National Congress (ANC) was dominated by Ashkenazi Jewish Communist radicals. Like most radical & subversive movements, ANC ring leaders were hardly representative of the oppressed dark skinned “victims” one finds on the cover of international magazines. Jews were in total control of the anti-Apartheid movement from its’ inception and Jewish business interests benefited most when the nightmare that has become black rule became a reality.

Although he was a violent, complex, and somewhat contradictory historical figure, we believe Mandela should be viewed in an objective historical manner, & without sentiment. In spite of the fact that the man undeniably has the blood of  hundreds of thousands on his hands, to downplay the role Mandela’s Jewish communist owners had in his rise to power, is to deny history.

To simply demonise the man without exposing the people and ideology behind his action, would be irresponsible.  The EKP values truth above all & will always stay true to our ethos, regardless of its popularity. Unlike the perverse liberal media painting Mandela as a hero, on one hand, & ignorant members of the right vilifying the man without looking at the actual history, on the other, we at the EKP look at the bigger picture-relying on reason & fact, never  sentiment & conjecture. We know that history, like life and people is rarely if ever, black and white. And when it is black, there’s typically an anti-European, anti-Christian Jewish Marxist or anti-European Zionist behind it.

Fact: Nelson Mandela was radicalised by an evil force from within his movement.  Even when the man set his sights on compromise, the radical Jewish element behind his pulpit, had no intention of allowing it. We demonstrate this thesis beyond any shadow of a doubt in the timeline we have compiled below.

Fact: From Joe Slovo, to Nadine Gordimer, Nathan Sharansky and  Volfie Kodish and ALL of the lawyers that represented the man at home, abroad and across the globe-almost all were Jews.

This is not to say that ALL Jews are bad-something we stated earlier, or that Mandela is not to a certain extent, responsible for his own actions-just that the minds behind the muscle, were of Jewish origin.  In fact the reason why the international media still hides what’s transpiring to your families in South Africa, has a lot to do with who runs the media and controls the narrative. As South Africa in particular is seen by the American Jewish left as the last vestige of Northern European colonial evil;, and the Boer, the poster boys for it-the Zionist media, will do their best to conceal what’s happening to South Africa’s non-black minority. Always recall who in fact facilitated the genocidal conditions in South Africa, when formulating your position on Israel. Remember it is people like Israeli activist and Zionist media darling Pamela Geller, whose grandfather fought alongside black terrorists, that were originally behind bringing bloodshed  into your country.

I’d also like to add that for me South African Apartheid state did NOT represent the European fascist ideal any more than todays Israeli Likud regime do, and their inability to gauge the strength of their enemy,  and move quickly enough with the times, ultimately cost them their country.

A fascist is not only a Western European idealist, but a civic minded pragmatist that seeks to secure his nation’s interests first & foremost. He adjusts policy based on the needs and makeup of the nation. Although governing an overwhelmingly black majority requires an iron hand, the international stage required a bit more delicacy and diplomacy, ESPECIALLY with so many Eastern European/Ashkenazi Jewish radicals, like Geller, behind the scenes.

Blacks, a race of people undeniably incapable of self-governance, need structure and a firm but fair paternalistic government to rule over them and exploit their worth; via a well-intentioned policy, not one based on barbarity. Apartheid’s undoing has as much to do with its heavy handedness & flaws as it does the pawn Mandela and his Jewish owners efforts. If the government had handled the black population as South Africa’s white land and business owners did their labourers while exploiting their services, the country wouldn’t be in the predicament it is in now.

I also base my opinion on the manner in which they treated the country’s Hindu Indian population and other productive, law abiding, ethnic minorities of non=Negro origin. Although Indians and coloureds (mulattos) are slowly moving back to the nationalist parties, their support for the ANC, because of how they were treated under the Apartheid state, was hugely important.

Apartheid’s policies were based solely on race, rather than pragmatism. In fact even Adolf Hitler, the world’s most polarising figure, was far less rigid when it came to racial politics than SA’s apartheid government.  He recognised that policy had to adapt to meet the nation’s interest – granting universal exemptions for German mischlings (part Jews), thousands of patriotic Jews, and non-white soldiers volunteering their services for the German war effort etc. The nationalist governments inability to adjust policy, embrace SA’s other non-black people and soften restrictions fast enough, aided the Internationalist Jew in his global Marxist crusade against South Africa.

Although Mandela might not have fully understood why SA’s Jewish supremacist revolutionaries had taken up his cause -blacks typically aren’t aware of their Jewish masters ulterior motivations for adopting their plight, Mandela was no dupe. Still in contrast to Slovo, even Zuma, Mandela can be seen as an ideological moderate. In our opinion Nelson Mandela made a choice to accept funding and patronage from the first people that offered him  support-that’s it.

Most Comprehensive Timeline on the Web Focusing on Zionist Involvement in South Africa’s ANC Party

April 2, 1985 – Black-Jewish Freedom Seders (Jewish ritual feasts), co-sponsored by the Zionist Jewish Reform movement’s UAHC and the American NAACP honor jailed Soviet Jewish and African dissidents/radicals, including Natan Sharansky and convicted murderer and terrorist, Nelson Mandela.

February 11, 1986 – Zionist criminal, Natan Sharansky is released from Soviet prison. Two days later, the Israeli JTA reports that in 1984, the South African government rejected a proposed prisoner exchange that would have freed both Mandela and Sharansky. Sharansky also comments on his hope that Mandela’s freedom will be secured, referring to Mandela as a “beacon of light in a world of racist tyranny”.

February 17, 1986 – Irwin Cotler, Canadian Jewish attorney representing Sharansky and Mandela, announces an international council of lawyers, most of whom are American Jews,  who will “work relentlessly for the release of all the Sharanskys and Mandelas now rotting in  various prisons in the USSR and South Africa.’”

March 7, 1986 – American Jewish organization, B’nai B’rith’s leader Gerald Kraft calls on South African President P.W. Botha to release Mandela. The ADL follow suit as do several powerful American Jewish organizations.

December 10, 1986 – Accepting the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Zionist holocaust activist, Eli Wiesel refers to the imprisonment of Mandela, internal exile of Soviet Jew, Andrei Sakharov, and the denial of Polish Jewish leader, Lech Walesa’s freedom of speech a “disgrace of equal magnitude”.

February 2, 1990 – Following a speech by President F.W. de Klerk, in which Mandela’s release from prison was promised, the Jewish community in South Africa, publicly announces through Lithuanian born anti-apartheid Jewish Stalinist, Joe Slovo, that they are hopeful for political reform.

February 11, 1990 –  Nelson Mandela is freed from prison, four years to the day after Sharansky’release. World Jewry, as evidenced by press releases from the  ADL, BB, JDL, Zionist organizations from”sea to shining sea”, is elated

June 10, 1990 – Prior to a U.S. visit, Mandela meets with American Jewish leaders in Geneva, apologizes for calling Palestinian freedom fighters his “brothers in arms” and for any other statements he may have made that “might have offended Jewish groups.” The meeting, described as “warm, friendly and cordial,” reportedly played a role in preempting American Jewish protests against the African National Congress leader.

June 20, 1990 – Mandela welcomed by U.S. Jewish groups. The following night, in a nationally televised program on ABC, Mandela again refers to PLO leader Yassar Arafat as a “comrade in arms,” upsetting Jewish owned ABC television and American Jewish groups that had sponsored  his trip. On June 29, Sharansky meets with Mandela for the first time in Los Angeles asking him to tone down his pro PLO rhetoric. You can’t bite the hand that feeds, or should I say freed you, after all.

July 1, 1990 – A Johannesburg synagogue and Zionist school, is bombed and defaced with graffiti during early hours of the morning. Mysteriously no  casualties or injuries are reported.  Jewish leaders attribute the attack to scapegoating by right-wing nationalist groups, who oppose the community’s support for the anti-apartheid movement. No one takes responsibility for the “crime”. Rumours that the bombing was a false flag circulate.

September 14, 1990 – Despite objections and alleged threats from South African nationalists and some hardline Zionist jews, a Reform rabbi in Johannesburg goes forward with his plan to invite Mandela to speak at his synagogue. Addressing the Reform congregation, the yarmulka-clad Mandela said, “If Zionism means the right of the Jewish people to seize territory and deny the Palestinian people the right to self-determination, we condemn it, but if it means a homeland for our jewish brothers we support it.” The packed synagogue heard Mandela condemn all manifestations of anti-Semitism and declare that ANC membership is open to everyone regardless of race. White and Indian South Africans are skeptical

October 24, 1990 – Mandela arouses the anger of  Australian Jewish groups upon his arrival in Canberra, likening Israel to a “terrorist state” and accusing her of “slaughtering defenseless, innocent Arabs”, forgetting his pledge to Slovo, Sharansky and the American jewish organizations he pandered to during his last visit to the States.  He later backtracks after pressure from Joe Slovo, the ANC’s top Jewish leader and self described “brains” behind the African National Congress.

July 14, 1991 – Following U.S. lead, Israel lifts cultural and economic sanctions against  South Africa after four years of crippling economic warfare. Pandering to the South Africans and strong economic and military ties with the black government commences.

April 15, 1992 – On the eve of Passover, Mandela publicly acknowledges South African Jewry’s “particularly outstanding contribution” to his people’s “struggle for freedom and social justice” for the first time. Mandela states that Jewry “sees themselves in black causes” due to the fact Jews have suffered through “one long historical holocaust for more than two thousand years.” He believes that Jews can more easily identify with blacks than Whites and East Indians, the two groups offering the most opposition to the ANC. Thus commences the official “special relationship” between Mandela and his Jewish backers.

May 4, 1992- South Africa’s Jerusalem Club invites Black speaker to address attendees for the first time, helping to forge ties between the Jewish committee and the Mandela-led ANC. From this point forth Mandela is the offical spokesperson for the  “worlds oppressed”.

August 16, 1992 – As South Africa lifts its apartheid law banning suburban settlement by blacks, Mandela moves to the upscale Jewish suburb of Houghton. Mandela’s new neighbor, member of Parliament Tony Leon of the Democratic Party, brought a gift of chocolate cake, which he left with a member of the household staff in Mandela’s absence.

August 1993 – Addressing the annual conferece of  South African Jewish Board of Deputees, Mandela’s greeted by a standing ovation, confirming improved ties following the leader’s prior remarks about the PLO.

March 1994 – With one month to go before South Africa’s first democtratic presidential elections, a JTA report anticipates “Jewish support” for Mandela’s ANC. South African Jews face the country’s first democratic elections on April 27 with a “mixture of fear and faith for the future” in the country. In spite of the fact that Mandela and the ANC’s rise to power would never have been possible without international Jewry’s financial support., South African Jewry aren’t as convinced, empowering the black majority is in fact the right move. The fears among the approximately 100,000 members of the South African Jewish community primarily relate to the widespread increase in criminal violence, particularly in Johannesburg, where over half the country’s Jews live. Blowback has historically impacted Jewry more than any other people. Think of the Jewish led Bolshevik revolution and how that ultimately blew up in their faces. Gulags anyone?

May 2, 1994 – After several days of voting, Mandela elected president in South Africa’s first “all-race” democratic elections; Jewish sentiment is reported to be optimistic. That Saturday, Nelson Mandela attends Shabbat services at the Green & Sea Point Hebrew Congregation in Cape Town, by far the largest synagogue in the Southern hemisphere. From the pulpit, Mandela, Yamulka and all, appeals for the swift return of Jewish expatriates who left for security concerns.

May 12, 1994 – Mandela meets with Israeli President Ezer Weizman before greeting several international Jewish dignitaries at a meeting in Cape Town. PLO leader Yasser Arafat was invited to join them. “He calls Arafat by his first name, Yasser,” Weizman recalled. “They embraced, and he said he and Arafat were brothers. I said: ‘Then, Mr. President, we are cousins.’ More proof the Palestinians and Israelis, at least the Arab and Sephardic Jewish inhabtants of Israel, have more in common than the Ashkenazim let up

June 1994 – Following Mandela’s election, Israel lifts its seven-year arms embargo against South Africa. The original embargo was introduced by Israels hawkish neo conservative Jewish and WASP partners in Washington.

August 1994 – Mandela is awarded Anne Frank Medal (selected by Dutch Jewry) in Amsterdam for his contributions in advancing democracy in South Africa. Later that month, Mandela states, “The victory of the democratic forces in South Africa is a contribution to this worldwide effort to rid humanity of the evil of racism. It is Anne Frank’s victory. It’s for the people of the holocaust. It is an achievement of humanity as a whole,” Invoking the holocaust is becoming as much a trademark for the Zio-schooled Mandela as his extravgant button downed dress shirts.

November 1994 – Israeli professor Michael Wolfsohn reveals that in 1989, Mandela’s release was on the table as part of a large prisoner exchange for missing Israeli soldier Ron Arad until the Berlin Wall fell.

January 5, 1995 – Housing Minister Joe Slovo, the brains behind the ANC, and one of two Jews to become part of the Mandela’s cabinet, dies of bone marrow cancer. The other Jewish cabinet member, Ronnie Kasrils, would prove to be an even more polarizing figure.

February 1995 – South African Foreign Minister Alfred Nzo announces full South African diplomatic relations with the “State of Palestine,” prompting protest from the Israeli officials that had funded the ANC since its inception.. Blacks biting the jewish hand that fed them increasingly wears on the nerves of the ANC’s jewish backers.

October 1995 – Prior to national local elections, Nelson Mandela joins Jewish ANC candidates in an appeal to the Jewish community not to emigrate from South Africa due to fear of crime. In spite of the ANC’s enormous Jewish ties, many of South Africa’s Jewish population  appear to be ruing  the fall of apartheid and fleeing the country by the tens of thousands. Blowback is the quintessential bitch!

January 1996 – Two main South African Jewish organizations with ties to the Black ANC criticize Mandela’s meeting with Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, famous for anti-Semitic remarks in the U.S. Mandela apologises publicly, with his Jewish handlers in toe.

February 1996 – Chief Rabbi Yirael Meir Lau shares stories of his imprisonment in a concentration camp with Mandela in Pretoria. Mandela equates apartheid with the “holocaust” for the umpteenth time.

September 20, 1996 – A leading Jewish Newspaper publishes a report citing crime as the greatest reason for Jews leaving South Africa. Jewish communities become more withdrawn as their ties to the ANC strengthen. Publicly black and Jewish solidarity is at it’s peak. Privately, Jews; like Indians, Arabs even some members of the “coloured” or mulatto community, are seen as whites by rampaging South African blacks, fear for their lives and embark on a mass exodus from the nation.

September 1997 – Mandela is presented with an honorary doctorate in philosophy from Israel’s, Ben Gurion University. Zionist organization’s award is presented in Cape Town “because Mandela has indicated he will not visit the Mid East until he is able to make a meaningful contribution to the peace process.”

April 1998 – Mandela appoints Richard Goldstone, a renowned Jewish egal scholar and jurist,  to investigate an alleged high-level plot to overthrow the country’s government involving Mandela’s former wife and several of his former “colleagues”.

July 18, 1998 – The country celebrates the president’s 80th birthday. Mandela also throws secret “wedding celebration”, letting Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris in on the secret a day early in a special ceremony. The ceremony has an  “Afro-Jewish” theme to it.

August 12, 1998 – Mandela and Arafat exchange medals and embrace in a ceremony. Jewish leaders are bemused. seems Mandela still doesn’t get it.

January 1999 –Mandela is a  frequent celebrity bar mitzvah guest at high profile Jewish bar mitzvahs in South Africa.

October 19, 1999 – Mandela arrives in Israel, his adopted homeland, for the first time. Jewish and newly empowered black South Africans anticipate that their president’s visit will yield better relations between the two nations. Having recently visited Iran, Syria, Jordan the backdrop of Iran holding thirteen Jewish prisoners as alleged spies, Mandela agrees to mediate between Israel and her neighbors, stating, “”I cannot conceive of Israel withdrawing if Arab states do not recognize Israel within secure borders.”Mandela is now officially Israels, b*&^%.

February 2000 – Following his presidency, Mandela is named patron in chief of Tikkun, a private Jewish-controlled social services project founded in 1996 providig interracial adult education, skills training and AIDS relief work. Although the agency is privately managed, it is subsidised by the new ANC government.

December 13, 2000 – Mandela is key speaker at opening ceremony of the new South African Jewish Museum.

January 2002 – In Durban, Mandela retracts statements supporting the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan and comments labeling Osama bin Laden a terrorist, upsetting the Jewish community. Although the Jews are a “peace loving folk”, international Jewry openly supports the war on terror and the millions of deaths its caused worldwide.

May 2002- Lazar Sidelsky, a Jewish lawyer who’d given a young Nelson Mandela a job as a clerk in the face of apartheid restrictions, dies in Johannesburg at age 90.

October 2002 –Wolfie Kodesh, Jewish founder of the armed wing of the ANC and former member of the South African Communist party, dies at age 84. Kodesh is praised by Mandela at his funeral in Cape Town. Mandela is a key speaker at the ceremony

December 2003  – Union of Orthodox Rabbis taps new chief rabbi, Warren Goldstein, 32, to succeed Harris in January 2005. Goldstein co-authored a book with Mandela’s grandson, Dumani. Links abound!

August 2004 – Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris accuses the country’s Jews of not sufficiently supporting MaAfrika Tikkun, the community’s privately run but publicly funded outreach initiative. “There’s an unfortunate reluctance, a sort of suspicion about interacting with the black majority — particularly on the part of the older generation — which is absurd,” he said, noting “a kind of restraint” when it comes to non-Jewish causes.

April 2004 – Top  Israeli paper celebrates Jewish and ANC partnership in “rebuilding” South Africa. The new ANC created constitutional court — headed by a Jew, Chief Justice Arthur Chaskalson is touted as the nation’s greatest achievement. The JTA writes that “After some years of demoralization, the Jewish community recently has begun to rebound. It has placed in key leadership positions young, dynamic people who are less burdened by the baggage of apartheid and who are vigorously engaging with symbols of the new South Africa.” It profiles Yehuda Kay, 28, national director of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies; Zev Krengel, 31, chairman of the board’s Johannesburg area council; Avrom Krengel, 35, chair of the South African Zionist Federation; Rabbi Craig Kacev, 32, acting director of the South African Board of Jewish Education; and Warren Goldstein, 32, recently chosen as the country’s chief rabbi.

September 2004 – A review of a book about Zimbabwe by Abe Abrahamson — honorary life president of South African Zionist Federation — mentions that Abrahamson was one of six high profile Jews to visit Nelson Mandela upon the latter’s release from prison.

September 13, 2005 – Former Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris dies of cancer at age 69, and was remembered for offering a prayer at Mandela’s inauguration in 1994.

January 2008 – Anti-apartheid activist Helen Suzman, who visited Mandela in prison on several occasions, and was instrumental in the fall of apartheid, dies.

White and East Indian African Genocide continues.

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Isn't it about time white Europeans stood up for their own ethnic interests in the enforced multiracial police state?

We can all criticise the events that have happened in Ferguson Missouri over the last week where blacks have rioted and looted after the death of Michael Brown. We can be infuriated at the reality of what 'diversity' means for us and our future generations, and we can state with historical accuracy that this is the standard behaviour of blacks when something happens to one of their own. Ironically, the black community not only in America, but also in Britain have a track record of rioting when they feel they are being targeted for being black, yet on a daily basis blacks are killing blacks in increasing numbers as black on black crime is off the scale. You won't see one black riot or protest against black on black crime. It must just be when the killer is white that they take offence, but when a fellow black kills a black it is a non-event. As usual the media has gone into a frenzy about the white policeman involved and had the officer been black, there would be no riots and no protests. This is not to support the police, but merely to state the obvious.

What we as white Europeans need to understand however in light of the above, is that we as white Europeans no longer stand up for OUR own ethnic interests. It is easy to sit back and point out the behaviour of blacks who rob and burn 'their own' communities as a so called 'protest,' but what are we doing to advocate our own interests? What are we doing to protest against the genocidal diversity scam? When do we protest about the mistreatment of whites at the hands of the police which also includes murder such as in the case of Kelly Thomas? How many people in Britain for example have heard his name? And how many people in Britain have heard of Trayvon Martin and now Michael Brown?

Kelly Thomas was a mentally ill homeless white man who was murdered by a group a police officers who beat him to death with fists, elbows, flashlights and tasers leaving the poor man in a pool of blood. He later died in hospital and the officers involved walked away as free men. There were small protests but nothing on the scale of what has been seen in America and Britain over the decades. One of the officers acquitted in the murder of Kelly Thomas was 'Manuel Ramos,' an Hispanic police officer yet there was no media focus on this, whereas the media focus is always on the race of those involved when the victim is black. Then it becomes a racial issue because the media love nothing more than an opportunity to portray whites as racist, if the officer involved in the killing of Michael Brown was black, then it is of no value to the media or the nation destroyers so is not reported to such an extent as it is when whites are involved.

Why when whites are stopped and searched by the police as I have been when I was younger, do we not make a song and dance about being targeted for being white? Whites commit crimes it would be ridiculous to suggest otherwise, but in relation to population percentages, blacks and other minorities commit more crimes compared to their percentage of the population and yet they have managed to portray this as being 'racist stereotyping.' So why aren't whites coming together as whites to bring attention to the anti-white racism that is all around us? I am no fan of the police, but the crime statistics don't lie. If it is a statistical fact that blacks commit more of a certain type of crime in any given area, then surely it makes sense to act on that especially when in a neighbourhood with a majority black population.

Once upon a time whites did recognise their ethnic interests, they would not tolerate anything that threatened them as a national, racial and cultural group, but it is quite apparent that this self interest awareness as an ethnic group, has gone.

This is the result of decades of social and demographic engineering along with the stigmatising of natural opposition to harmful agendas with words. Words such as 'racist' 'fascist' 'nazi' etc.

When Cultural Marxism as an ideology took root in the West, its most important tools were the educational system and the entertainment industry. These have been used to totally corrupt the minds of each new generation. They have been the victims of a sustained assault against their own natural sense of self preservation. The institutions were infiltrated and had in front of them masses of people to be moulded mentally to the cultural marxist way of thinking.

From the earliest age possible, children of European descent are groomed by the cultural marxist establishment. They are seen as the next generational step in achieving all cultural marxist goals. Those of you with young children may not realise this, as you sit in a drunken or drugged up self inflicted state. Or as you sit watching the mind numbing poison provided for you on your television screens, but you and your children are being mentally groomed to serve a purpose. A purpose that is not in your or your childrens best interests.

White Europeans are now an apathetic people, filled with nonsensical altruistic thoughts and a suicidal belief in the individual over the group. Liberty for your ethnic and cultural group does not come about by rampant individualism that puts self interest on an individual basis, ahead of self interest on an ethnic basis. It has come to the point now, were white Europeans put the interests of others ahead of themselves and their children. No other group would do this and we have to acknowledge that while in group empathy and in group altruism are a positive trait of our people, out group empathy and out group altruism are a negative and self damaging trait of our people. This has been capitalised upon by the Cultural Marxists.

We allow ourselves, our history and our ancestors to be ridiculed and lied about, we fall for the false self guilt pushed upon us and we never acknowledge the great achievements of our ancestors as white Europeans. We have been conditioned to believe that identifying as a racial group is wrong, and that to do so is dangerous and racist. Many whites have fallen into the trap that tells them race is a social construct and therefore see no reason to oppose multiculturalism/multiracialism because they don't bother to look beyond the propaganda and find out the truth.

The materialistic society we now live in leads us to focus on the latest 'must have' object or gadget of the day, the latest console, or the latest fashion item. The only thing they look forward to is the next binge drinking session and importance is placed on self image. Money or the illusion of money, is the target of all. The future of our people as an ethnic and cultural group is not even a consideration to most, even when they can see with their own eyes the way their country is going.

Any form of white protest over what is being done to our people, is immediately jumped on by the media and the left and portrayed as being 'racist.' And it is for that very reason that a lot of whites refrain from participating, the fear of a word has disabled the expression of the desire for ethnic and cultural self preservation.

If there is one thing we cannot criticise blacks for, or any minority for that matter, is their willingness to come together as a racial group. Whites don't do that in anywhere near enough numbers and when you think about it, is it any wonder our nations are in the mess they are in as a result. If whites had asserted their ethnic interests when they decided to open our borders, it is likely we wouldn't be in this situation. There are reasons for this apathetic attitude that has consumed the white European as we have spoken about, but we also have to acknowledge that we as whites have played a part in our own downfall.

Another very important point in all this, is the conduct of the police. The police no longer serve us the citizens, they serve their NWO masters who give them the freedom to abuse their position of authority. An authority that if used correctly, respectfully and legally, is vital to any civilised society, but which at present, is the clenched fist of the  state.

The police across the Western world especially in America and the Uk are an extension of the corrupt system. They are the front line enforcers of the will of the state. They are both cultural marxist enforcers, and  globalist NWO enforcers, gone are the days of the community officer familiar with everyone in the community bringing reassurance and a feeling of safety to the people. We now have a brutal militaristic police force along the lines of the NKVD in Communist Russia. The corrupt state could not exist or succeed without the protection of the police, and as the corrupt state starts to impose evermore oppressive measures on the people, the police need to exert more power to quash dissent. Where it is all leading to is an oppressive and totalitarian Communistic NWO controlled by Jewish high finance.

The police also enforce the multiracial society forced upon us,  to suggest they are 'racist' is ridiculous. They didn't kill Michael Brown because he was black, they killed him because they could.

If the police forces in America or in Britain were 'racist,' then do you think they would be part of an organisation or institution that enforces a multiracial state on behalf of those in power?

It is also telling how the threat of domestic terrorism has led to the militarisation of the police, it's almost as if they needed the threat of something to empower the police to clamp down even more on the rights of the average citizen, what better reason than the threat of 'home grown terrorists.'

We can oppose the multiracial agenda and what it has brought to our nations, but we must also understand that the police are not on our side either and never will be as long as they are subservient to the powers that be. Just because they kill a black person is no reason to praise them or to ignore the reality of the bigger picture as to what the police are becoming. They are every bit as much of an enemy to whites, as blacks perceive them to be.

I don't doubt for one minute there are honourable police officers out there, who fully understand the road we are headed down and who feel uneasy about it. And at times the police do help people, but they appear to be increasingly in the minority.

There is a reason as to why not so long ago the police were much more respected, and why society was a lot safer. There is a reason why the police were not as intrusive, aggressive and arrogant. The reason is that we were once a society that was homogeneous, proud and community spirited. Whereas now, we are a divided society on the road to being conquered and the police has become a tool of the conquerors. They, like every other institution have been infiltrated and moulded to be a force that serves the NWO agenda. They don’t uphold the law, they now enforce the will of the state.

As whites, we need to recognise that this is all being played out in our homelands, our societies are being destroyed and the only people going to suffer will be our children and their children. We now live in an enforced multiracial police state, and our institutions and governments are a subversive enemy within. And despite all of this, there is only one group not opposing it as a group with their own ethnic interests, and that group is the white Europeans.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Israel the Original Terrorists

Israel the Original Terrorists.

All we hear from the pro-Israel brigade is how terrorists targeting Israel is the reason for the bombing of Gaza. Well here are some facts about who the original terrorists were.

On 6 November 1944, the Stern Gang assassinated Lord Moyne, the British Minister Resident in the Middle East, in Cairo. Moyne was the highest ranking British official in the region.

The two assassins, Eliahu Bet-Zouri and Eliahu Hakim were captured and used their trial as a platform to make public their political propaganda. They were executed. In 1975 their bodies were returned to Israel and given a state funeral.

Their most historically noted terrorist action against the British was the blowing up of the King David Hotel in 1946, then the headquarters for Britain overseeing Palestine. Around 100 people were killed. Purpose: Destroy British records that proved the highest members of the Zionist government backed anti-British terrorism.

The Stern Gang then bombed the British embassy in Rome in October 1946.

On 12 January 1947, Lehi members drove a truckload of explosives into a British police station in Haifa killing four and injuring 140, in what has been called ‘the world’s first true truck bomb’.

Immediately thereafter, the Zionist terrorists launched a series of attacks in Britain, using the co-operation of Jews residing in that country.

On 15 April 1947 a bomb consisting of twenty-four sticks of explosives was planted in the Colonial Office, Whitehall. It failed to explode due to a fault in the timer.

Five weeks later, on 22 May, five Stern Gang members were arrested in Paris with bomb making material including explosives of the same type as found in London.

On 2 June, two Stern Gang members, Betty Knouth and Yaacov Levstien, were arrested crossing from Belgium to France. Envelopes addressed to British officials, with detonators, batteries and a time fuse were found in one of Knouth’s suitcases. Knouth was sentenced to a year in prison, Levstien to eight months.

The British Security Services identified Knouth as the person who planted the bomb in the Colonial Office. Shortly after their arrest, 21 letter bombs were intercepted addressed to senior British figures. The letters had been posted in Italy. The intended recipients included Bevin, Attlee, Churchill and Eden.

British sergeants hanged, July 12, 1947. Begin, Shamir, and Haganah authorized kidnapping and hanging of two British sergeants, booby trapping their bodies and mining the area. During this time, Shamir sent many letters and package bombs to British officials. 1947 also included multiple cases of kidnappings (including brutal floggings of British soldiers) by Jewish terrorists.

The Semiramis Hotel massacre, January 5, 1948. Jewish Agency leader David Ben-Gurion and Haganah leaders blew up the Seramis Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 20 and wounding 17. Purpose: Terrorize Arabs into fleeing Israel. 5

During the lead-up to the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, the Stern Gang mined the Cairo-Haifa train several times.

On 29 February 1948, Lehi mined the train north of Rehovot, killing 28 soldiers and wounding 35.

On 31 March, Lehi mined the train near Binyamina, killing 40 civilians and wounding 60.

On 9 April 1948, about 120 Stern Gang members attacked the Arab village of Deir Yassin and massacred the Arab residents. At least 254 people were murders, many women raped and children butchered.

On 17 September 1948, the Stern Gang assassinated UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte.
Those Stern Gang members who had been arrested by the British mandate authorities were all granted amnesty by the Israeli state upon its foundation and released. Purpose: To sabotage UN efforts to create a Palestinian state.

Massacre of USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. Israel's jet fighters and torpedo boats repeatedly attempted to sink US intelligence monitoring vessel USS Liberty during the 1967 Israel/Egypt war. They killed 34 and wounded 171 American sailors. Purpose: Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan ordered the attack ostensibly to protect Israel's intelligence communications, even though the war was virtually over. Israel also wanted to bring America into the war against Egypt.

In 1980, Israel instituted the Lehi ribbon, red, black, grey, pale blue and white, which is awarded to former members of the Lehi underground who wished to carry it, “for military service towards the establishment of the State of Israel”.

In 1982, postage stamps were issued for 20 Stern Gangsters, including the assassins of Lord Moyne, in a souvenir sheet called “Martyrs of the struggle for Israel’s independence.”

The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, available in most university libraries, documents from British records more than five hundred violent or terrorist incidents against Palestinians and the British occupation between 1939 and 1948. These included bombings, booby traps and landmines, kidnappings and torture of prisoners, bank robberies, murders of Arabs, and assassinations of police and British officials.

In Britain, the support for Israel among the counter-jihad groups is a defining feature of their organisations. Yet they are supporting a state that carried out terrorist acts against Britain and who despised Britain. They even funded and armed Argentina during the Falklands war. It seems they are very quick to forget these facts, don't care, or don't know about them. They say they support Israel because they 'stand against terrorists,' but Israel and Jewish extremists used terrorism against Britain to have the state of Israel created. Doesn’t make sense does it. Britain wasn't at war with Jews, Jews decided a campaign of terror against the British was vital to the creation of the Jewish state and you have British people flying the flag of Israel.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Global Capitalism and Cultural Marxism

I find it amusing when leftists say that we must support capitalism because we oppose Marxism, and say that we fear the collpase of the capitalistic society.

Maybe they don't realise that many nationalists are just as opposed to capitalism as the left are. Or capitalism as it has become, ie internationalist/globalist.

Cultural Marxism is not about economics, it is about attacking Western civilisation, race and culture. Classical Marxism focused on economics and had the capitalist bourgeois society as their enemy. Cultural Marxism focuses on culture, and have the white heterosexual male as their enemy amongst other things.

When the Cultural Marxist left speak about economics, or capitalism,  it is usually in the context of what they call the 'white power structure.'

Historically, there has always been a relationship between big money and the radical left. The Bolshevik revolution as many of you know, was funded by Jewish capitalist bankers, and Cultural Marxism has a close relationship with big money also.

The Cultural Marxist left, aswel as being involved in the 'anti-fascist' and 'anti-racist' groups, (many being middle class wannabe revolutionaries) are also to be found in big business and government who actually sponsor the 'anti-fascist' groups. This is certainly true in Britain as the government are sponsors of the violent anti-white communist front group 'unite against fascism.'

The internationalism of global capitalism has much in common with cultural marxism, in that they both have the same aims. Both desire an end to the nation state, the capitalists because of globalism and the pursuit of a nwo, and the cultural marxists because of their belief in a world without borders, or an egalitarian non existent utopia with no racial identity or cultural identity. Both desire mass immigration, both support feminism, both support 'gay rights,' both support multiculturalism or Multiracialism etc. The global capitalist interests are about profit and global control, the cultural marxist interests are about the destruction of the nation state, race, the family, the culture, Christianity, and Western morality. The global capitalists use the naive left to push their global agenda.

Some capitalists understand the threat of mass immigration for example, but in the interests of profit and personal gain, they ignore the threat and future consequences. They betray their nation and people to the mass immigration that drives wages down and in turn makes them richer. The same applies to traitors in government, their interests are not in the national interest, but in the interests of international finance. Whatever the goal of international finance is, is the goal of government. Your government is controlled by and dictated too, by international finance.

Although cultural marxism is to be found at the highest levels of society, including academia and media aswel as politics and big business, it has trickled down to the indigenous working class people of the individual European and Western nations. It is seen in the mass apathy of the people and their conformity to the cultural marxist zeitgeist. The masses sit of an evening at home and watch the cultural marxist poison fed to them in the form of so called entertainment on television. They digest it in music, film, magazines and in the promotion of binge drinking which has become a massive problem in many of our towns and cities.

The most committed cultural marxists are usually middle to upper class leftists who have absolutely no interest in the white working class other than to subvert and brainwash them. It is basically a production line with those at the top producing the robots at the bottom. The white working class have been blinded to their own interests as a racial group who have interests specific to them. All other racial groups acknowledge their specific interests, and are encouraged to pursue those interests as a racial group. Whites however are discouraged from identifying as a racial group, they are brainwashed with self hate, false guilt, and the suicidal belief in the diversity deception. Any white group that advocates white interests is immediately attacked as being 'racist' 'fascist' 'nazi' etc.

So how did Cultural Marxism become a key component of global capitalism and globalist politics?

Basically, cultural marxism is a tool of those who control globalist politics and global capitalism just as Communism in Russia was a tool of Jewish international finance.

Classical Economic Marxism = opposed to capitalistic bourgeoisie society and advocates outright revolution to create a dictatorship of the proletariat and gaining control of the means of production. The first manifestation of this ideology which occurred in Russia, was funded by Jewish capitalist bankers and led to the start of a century of brutal mass murder, famine and oppression.

Cultural Marxism = Marxism that has been transformed from an economic theory into Cultural theory due to the failure of the working class in the West to embrace the ideas of economic marxism. Cultural Marxism sought to infiltrate Western institutions and mould the culture and working class to their way of thinking using the bourgeois (middle classes) who occupied the institutions. The West had been culturally strong enough to repel the planned exportation of the desired worldwide communism revolution. So the institutions that bound the West together on race, family, religion, patriotism etc had to be infiltrated and broken down in order for communistic thinking to be  implemented. Once this was achieved, the cultural marxists believed that the working class of the West will be more open to the ideas of Communism.

If the working class of the West would not embrace economic Marxism, then the cultural marxists decided to infiltrate and recruit the bourgeois institutions to target the working class using subversion gradually over time. This was achieved using critical theory ie the criticism of all things the cultural marxists believed had blinded the working class to their 'true class consciousness.' Criticism of race, nation, religion (Christianity), gender, the family, patriotism, Western values and morality etc. The working class in the West were viewed as an unreliable revolutionary group, so a new type revolutionary had to be imported. This new revolutionary was to be anybody who could be portrayed as being victimised by white Western civilisation. Blacks, gays, women etc.

Both communism and cultural marxism thrive off the divide and conquer scenario. They can only exist if they perpetuate conflict between groups, the oppressor/oppressed narrative. Communism sets worker against employer, and cultural marxism sets supposed victim group against supposed oppressor group. When the Cultural Marxists say they want equality, what they really mean is that they want to accelerate and encourage the conflict between groups  because without it they cannot survive.

When you come to understand that Communism and it's modern day off shoot cultural marxism, are divide and conquer tools of Jewish international finance, then you will see why cultural marxism is rife at the very highest levels of society aswel as at the lowest. You will also understand that Cultural Marxism is an assault on the West by a small but well organised group who despise Western civilisation. They sew the seeds of self destruction and fan the flames of

It is no coincidence that the majority of cultural marxist schools of thought have been led by Jewish academics. It is no coincidence that the 'civil rights' campaign was created and led by Jews. It is no coincidence that Jews have led the 'gay rights' movement, the feminist movement, the abortion pro-choice movement. It is no coincidence that mass immigration into the West has been campaigned for and supported by Jewish groups. It is no coincidence that the sciences are dominated by Jews, it is no coincidence that the entertainment and film industries are dominated by Jews. It is no coincidence that the porn industry is dominated by Jews. It is no coincidence that international banking and media are dominated by Jews. It is no coincidence that the Frankfurt school was dominated by Jews. It is no coincidence that anthropology which today bangs the drum of 'race is a social construct' is dominated by Jews. It is no coincidence that the biggest 'anti-racist' organisations are dominated by Jews. Organisations such as the ADL, SPLC, the UAF, Searchlight, Hope not Hate etc..

When nationalist groups speak out against Cultural Marxism, they often do so by targeting leftists, and we do to. However it is important to point out that it is not only the left who support the race and culture destroying ideas of the Frankfurt School. The left are the public image of the degenerate anti-white agenda, but the hidden hand is in globalist politics, media, banking and in big business. These are the people who fund and enforce the destructive ideas because it serves their agenda, thus making the cultural marxist left, the useful idiots doing the bidding of those they say they oppose.

This is where the correlation between the economic marxists and cultural marxists is made. The Cultural Marxists at the lowest levels, ie the 'anti-fascist' street protest groups, also protest against the bankers. The common theme is that we are the 99%, so they do have an opposition to global capitalism and international finance aswel as their misguided opposition to those who wish to preserve their racial and cultural heritage which is being eradicated by those at the very highest levels of society. The Cultural Marxists cannot see that what they support is being implemented by those who are they consider to be the 1%.

Nationalists are just as opposed to the corrupt banking system and global capitalism as the left are, but we understand who pulls the strings and why. Nationalism does not exist to prop up the current system, it is fully opposed to the system and if anything, nationalism is targeted exactly because it is the most truthful in exposing the Jewish globalist agenda.

The power of international finance controls all nations, and in 1930s National Socialist Germany, we were shown the way to removing that dominance and control over us. A devastating world war was fought and over 50 million European lives were lost to restore the financial control over a nation who had briefly been set free. Ever since the last bullets were fired, we have been inundated with propaganda portraying National Socialist Germany as the embodiment of evil.
The reason being, that they don't want people to see the path of true economic, cultural and racial liberation from Jewish global control over banking media and politics. And so the propaganda had to be constant and produced in such a way that would keep the people from ever embracing such ideas of liberation ever again. A systematic campaign of lies has been in progress ever since.

Nationalism is seen as an extension of National Socialist ideas by those in control, and that is why nationalism is targeted  so vigoursly.

The Communistic lefts opposition to Nationalism is because of their desire for a worldwide revolution, and their false belief that nationalism is the extended arm of the capitalist system. They see open borders and the promotion of nation destroying social ideas as being  necessary for 'universal equality.'

This just goes to show, that nationalism is targeted by both Jewish global capitalism and communistic cultural marxism because it opposes both, and is a threat to both. The belief in nation, race, culture and family is a dangerous idea to those who want to destroy what we hold dear.

Friday, 15 August 2014

The Truth about the Homosexual Agenda Suppressed by Cultural Marxist Media

The following is an example of how cultural marxism controls what is reported in the media.

An article was written by Douglas MacKinnon, a conservative columnist for the Tampa Tribune who criticised the Walt Disney Co. for pushing a pro-gay agenda, asserting that the company is using its programming to indoctrinate children about gay lifestyles and gay marriage.

The article was titled 'Disney’s pro-gay agenda is disturbing.' and has  since been taken down.

Here is an excerpt of what the article had said:

'Beginning with the takeover of the company by Michael Eisner (Jewish) in 1984 and continuing under the leadership of Robert Iger (Jewish) since 2005, it can be argued that Disney has been working overtime to redefine "family values."

'Back in the late 1990s when I worked with former Sen. Bob Dole, I had the pleasure to interact with Iger. He was professional, respectful and could not have been more kind or considerate. Since taking over, he has only made the company more profitable. But beyond his fiscal responsibility to shareholders, does Iger have an even greater responsibility to impressionable children?

'Disney has made no secret that it pushes a pro-gay agenda. That is most certainly its right. But where does the company draw the line? A former Disney executive I spoke with told me the company has taken direct aim at children to indoctrinate them about gay lifestyles and gay marriage through shows it airs on The Disney Channel and Disney XD.

'The former executive said one of the more subtle techniques is to incorporate the colors of the gay-pride flag in as many shots as possible. The colors are woven in as a wink and nod to the gay community and show up on shirts, hats, posters, stacked cups and rings. The practice has been picked up by other children's networks and national advertisers.

'Disney also pushes the gay agenda by introducing openly gay characters and couples on its children's programing. Again, that is their right, but should they be in the business of entertaining children or indoctrinating them?'

All of the above is true, and anybody with a fully functioning brain knows that the likes of Disney push a pro-homosexual agenda. They try and moralise it by saying that it isn't to indoctrinate, but to 'educate.' The real reason for the promotion of homosexuality to children is to destroy from an early age, the concept of morality and the traditional Western family structure of man woman and child. The Jewish controlled media which is dominated by cultural marxism, viciously attacks such articles because they go against the narrative and may just resonate with its readership.

It should also come as no surprise that this promotion of homosexuality to children began when Disney was taken over by wealthy Jewish  individuals. Jews have been at the forefront of the so called 'gay rights' movement.

Read this quote which explains why Jews endorse, promote and push the homosexual agenda.

"American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief, one firmly rooted in history, that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of American Jews to endorse “gay rights” and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called “social issues.”

Charles Silberman in his 1985 book A Certain People: American Jews and Their Lives Today.

It doesn't stop there, in an article called 'Dirty Jews' and the Christian Right,' Jews themselves admit that they “assert their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity” as an attack of traditional family values.

Writing in an article in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, Professor Josh Lambert, academic director of the Yiddish Book Center and visiting assistant professor of English at the University of Massachusetts,  said that “American Jews have found the explicit representation of sex, and four-letter words, so very useful. The answers vary: Some Jews use obscenity to fight anti-Semitism, while others use it to rewrite traditional Jewish stories in a contemporary idiom.”

In the article, titled “’Dirty Jews’ and the Christian right”, the Jewish professor goes on to say that;
“Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America’s powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.

See the full article here:

It goes on, Jews admit to controlling the porn industry as way to attack Christianity.

Let us share with you some quotes, the first from Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw magazine.

"The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don't believe in authoritarianism. Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged."

Nathan Abrams Quote:

"Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast’. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. Astyr remembers having ‘to run or fight for it in grammar school because I was a Jew. It could very well be that part of my porn career is an “up yours” to these people’. "

Nathan Abram Quote:

"A story little told is that of Jews in Hollywood’s seedier cousin, the adult film industry. Perhaps we’d prefer that the ‘triple exthnics’ didn’t exist, but there’s no getting away from the fact that secular Jews played (and still continue to play) a disproportionate role throughout the adult film industry in America. Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United States, as Jews have helped transform a fringe subculture into what has become a primary constituent of Americana. These are the ‘true blue’ Jews. Jewish activity in the porn industry divides into two (sometimes overlapping) groups: pornographers and performers. Though Jews make up only two per cent of the American population, they have been prominent in pornography.

Jews were also at the vanguard of the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse and Paul Goodman replaced Marx, Trotsky and Lenin as required revolutionary reading. Pacheco was one Jewish porn star who read Reich’s intellectual marriage of Freud and Marx. In light of the relatively tolerant Jewish view of sex, why are we ashamed of the Jewish role in the porn industry? We might not like it, but the Jewish role in this field has been significant and it is about time it was written about seriously."

One for the Christian Zionists to choke on.


So as you can see, it seems that when Gentiles expose the Jewish agenda it is 'anti-semitism,' but when Jews themselves admit to it, nothing is said and people still deny that there is in fact an agenda at play targeting not only us, but our children.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Deracinationism and Cultural Marxism


Deracination ideology is about deconstructing race. It is about nullifying the effects of belonging and Völkerhass in order to bring about a unification of all mankind. It is about teaching it out of people. Deracination ideology is the major content of Political correctness. Deracination is about making the raceless, cosmopolitan man. It is also known as anti-racism.

It's methodology is the social re-engineering of mankind by deracinating him. Deracination ideology comes out of International Socialism. The first proponent is Karl Marx, who is the pioneer of this movement [under the mentorship of Moses Hess the philosophical founder of Zionism]. Because Culture defines politics (the culture must be changed in order for the politics to be changed), it is about changing the culture to bring about One World Government. By deracinating man, the socialists/humanists are attempting to bring about the socialist goal of perpetual peace. [Or perpetual revolution and genocide]

Deracination means: (1) To pull out by the roots; uproot"; (2) "To displace from one's native or accustomed environment".

The deracination ideology inherent in Communism (International Socialism) led to a backlash and the creation of National Socialism, which had the aim of defending one's race.

Origin in Communist Ideology

"Nationalism and Marxism are incompatible."

Deracination ideology is a plank of Marxism/communism which seeks to end race and the nation-state. This idea began when Karl Marx published his Communist Manifesto that ended in the words, "All the workers of the world unite". John C. Kiang traces this movement to socialism:

"As far as world unity is concerned, Marx and Engels were the pioneers who expounded that modern industry had furnished a real foundation for a world unity, and declared not only that “working men have no country,..."

but also that:

"Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationalities."

In this declaration Marx and Engels claimed that the struggle of the workers was international in essence. National differences, they pointed out, were being wiped out by the development of free trade, by the growth of a world market, and by the increasing uniformity of industrial and social conditions. The workers in particular were being denationalized by modern industry, and had no fatherland."

"Engels argued explicitly that the atomisation and deracination caused by international capitalism was the necessary precursor to worldwide emancipation: "The disintegration of mankind into a mass of isolated, mutually repelling atoms," he wrote, "means the destruction of all corporate, national and indeed of any particular interests and is the last necessary step towards the free and spontaneous association of men."

Socialism's goal is internationalist.
"Modern Socialism is essentially international".
"The State is not 'abolished'. It dies out".

Socialism/Communism seek the establishment of a One World Government and in order to make this work, the culture must be in place in order for the politics to succeed. Deracination plays an important part in socialist/communist ideology and methodology in order to prepare the people worldwide to adopt a world government.

Furthermore, Socialism/Marxism/Communism seek a classless society. In order to bring that about, races and racial cohesion must be deconstructed. In this vein, the German communist Rosa Luxemburg wrote a famous essay titled "The Nationalities Question in the Russian Revolution" where she excoriates Lenin's encouraging of self-determination amongst the bordering nations of Soviet Russia. She points out that this agenda of Lenin is counterproductive to International Socialism:

"It is obvious that the phrases concerning self-determination and the entire nationalist movement, which at present constitute the greatest danger for international socialism,..."

Nationalism in her regard is considered reactionary.

Stalin allowed for nationalist movements but only as a step that must occur;

but then:

"In the next stage of the period of world dictatorship of the proletariat -when the world socialist system of economy becomes sufficiently consolidated and socialism becomes part and parcel of the life of the peoples, and when practice convinces the nations of the advantages of a common language over national languages, national differences and languages will begin to die away and make room for a world language, common to all nations."

The Marxist goal is the deconstruction of differences in order for the establishment of socialism world-wide. Nationalism is seen as a necessary step, a prelude, that precedes the eventual formation of one world, one humanity.

Methodology of deracination:

(1) Stigmatizing natural patriotism as "racism".
(2) Denying race exists.
(3) Denying that there are inherent racial differences.
(4) Denying that racialism exists.
(5) Teaching that to have "racial prejudice" is wrong. Criminalizing such behavior.
(6) Classifying racial epithets as "Hate Speech".

Effects of deracination

• Rootlessness. Stress. A sense of belonging gives one a sense of security and self-assurance.

• Loss of loyalty. Harm to country where people have no loyalty. Acts of treason become easier. Sense of community suffers. Loss of historical context. Loss of one's place in history. Connection to the past.

• Increased miscegenation.

Telos of deracination:

• Race disappears. Atomization of man. To end the Jewish question.

Philosophy of deracination:

• Nihilism Deracination is a type of metaphysical genocide. The destruction of boundaries.



International Socialism/Communism/Cultural Marxism are all tools of the Nwo, financed and pushed by Jewish bankers from the very beginning and to this day. For a nwo to happen needs the erosion of national, ethnic and cultural identity, aswel as national borders. This can be seen in the European Union, a centralised cultural marxist/globalist parliament where nations borders are only visible on maps but in reality national borders in Europe were lost decades ago. An EU in which so called independent national governments are subservient to the seat of power in Brussels.

This is designed predominantly to weaken ethnically European nations by flooding them with the third world and calling it 'diversity' and 'cultural enrichment.' Any opposition to this narrative will be hauled before the courts and imprisoned for hate speech by a conformist judge in a corrupt judiciary.

The result of mass non-European immigration and brainwashing via media and education is the erosion of loyalty to ones people and nation, being replaced with naive conformist attitudes to an International Socialist deception, which leads ethnically European people down the globalist nwo path via subscribing to the cultural marxist indoctrination that is the modern day tool of Deracinationism.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Pro-Israel Groups Blinded by Phoney and Misguided Patriotism

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC

Over the last few weeks I have been dismayed at the amount of so called nationalists who have come out in support of Israel. I knew there were some groups that were pro-Israel but it is even worse than I thought.

If you support Israel, then by extension you support their control over politics, foreign policy, media, banking in our nations, and their opening of our borders to the hordes of the third world.

The Jewish lobbying groups which include AIPAC, LFI, CFI, and CRUIF that involve themselves in our politics and who dictate our foreign policy decision making, are 'dual citizens' with Israel. Or to be more accurate, they have loyalty only to Israel and pretend they are loyal to your nation. Everything they do is geared towards Israeli and Jewish interests. The same applies to their domination in media and banking. We are every bit as occupied as Gaza just without the bombs being dropped on us, the destruction they heap upon us is in the form of multiculturalism, multiracialism and Cultural Marxism all of which include Islam.

If you support Israel, then you support the illegal war that took place in Iraq, because we went into that war on the back of lies created by Israeli intelligence and lost hundreds of our soldiers lives in the process. The Iraq war was for Israeli interests not the Wests. The removing of Saddam Hussein was an Israeli strategic and geopolitical goal.

The West today is part of a Jewish globalist Empire that takes its orders from London, Washington and Tel Aviv and which is totally subservient to Jewish International finance. Any phoney patriotism that supports this is a patriotism that helps to further solidify their agenda and only speeds up our demise at their hands. In Britain for example, just as it is in America and many other Western nations, the government is a government of international finance and Jewish globalism, it isn't a government for the British people, and anybody who says different is a gullible fool. And anybody who slavishly supports Israel in the belief it is somehow patriotic towards their own nations struggle with Islam, truly is a gullible goyim.

Take a look at your own country, look at what is happening to it, and realise what and who is behind it. The Jewish globalist financial dictatorship which supports and does everything for Israel, is also busily destroying your country via mass immigration and the Islamification of your towns and cities.

A few quotes the first from Mark Twain:

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it."

Can you honestly say your government deserves your patriotism? Loving your country doesn't mean you should support what they do or who they support. Nor does it mean support for a state in the Middle East who also have citizens in your country working from behind the scenes to destroy it. If your country is more concerned with the interests of Israel than it is about the interests of the country they are supposed to be governing, then they are underserving of your patriotism. When patriotism means support for those who are working against you and your country, then it ceases to be patriotism and becomes treachery.

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else."

Theodore Roosevelt

When your prime minister or president sends your sons and daughters to war for another country, and lies to the people to justify that war, they are undeserving of your patriotism and should be held to account for their treachery. The same applies when your government purposefully opens your borders to foreign aliens. Opposing the Islamification of your nation is certainly vital, but does that mean you have to support Israel in the process considering that Jewish extremists have been behind the importation of it?

“Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervour, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar.”

– Julius Caesar

The above quote perfectly sums up the pro-Israel brigade.

'Blinded by patriotism.'

To a large extent this is happening across Europe in relation to Islam and support for Israel. Yes Islam is a massive problem, a symptom of a much bigger problem, but what causes the problems in the first place? Who creates the symptoms? It is not that patriotism is bad, but sometimes it can let the heart control the mind, emotion to  dominate thought, and this is easily played upon to use and direct patriotic feeling in way which ultimately damages the patriot and benefits his true enemy. This is true in relation to support for Israel.

Jews brought Islam to Europe for two reasons.

1, To manipulate support for Israel by whipping up patriotic fervour against Islam in Europe using the divide and conquer strategy. Hostility towards the Islamification of European nations is then carefully guided towards support for Israel by the presence and funding of Zionists within the counter-jihad movement. Any patriotism that does not support Israel is condemned by Jewish organisations.

2, To destroy the Jews primary target, the European and to a large extent Christian West. Islam is a weapon of mass destruction deployed by the womb. The Islamification of Europe is designed to be a demographic time bomb and along with all other forms of non-European immigration is aimed at the annihilation of white Western civilisation.

I can't think of anything more stupid than a so called patriot or nationalist supporting Israel.

They control us via what we will call BAMP.


Our governments are subservient to Jewish international finance which enslaves the nation and people. It also dictates our politics especially foreign policy, leading our governments to support the same interests of the Jewish bankers which are the interests of Israel, the Iraq war being a prime example.

They control our media and use it to push whatever message benefits Jews and Israel. In our nations, the media is totally anti-nationalist. Any display of nationalism is routinely criticised and the usual labels are attached to them. The media pushes multiculturalism and diversity and attacks anyone who goes against it. It feeds the people a steady diet of pro-Israel propaganda and dumbs down the masses with unimportant stories and articles on the political deception known as democracy. What you will find with the media is that some tabloids will report on Islam and the problems it causes, but it is done to whip up that patriotic hostility that we mentioned earlier with the intention of creating support for Israel when it is needed.

In academia Jews dominate the cultural marxist schools of thought which attack the West, Christianity, and the white European. Again, this is done for the benefit of Jews in the hope that they can totally debase our people and culture.

Lastly, opposing Israel and Jewish supremacism in no way whatsoever means support for Islam, far from it.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Jewish Deception Merchant purposefully fails to mention the Jewish role in the destruction of Europe

Once again another article with quotes from a Jew, Israeli politician and chairman of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky, which is full to the brim with self-pity, hypocrisy and self styled victimhood. If Jews want to leave Europe then let them, but let them go to a land that is uninhabited and where there are no people to ethnically cleanse, drop bombs on and terrorise in order for them to build a homeland.

The majority of hostility towards Jews in Europe has come from the immigrant community especially the Islamic immigrants. Funnily enough it was Jewish groups who were behind the mass Islamic immigration into Europe in the first place. Like we have said, this was for two reasons, to create sympathy for Israel by creating in Europe a clash of civilisations between the indigenous people and the Islamic hordes. And secondly, it was a strategy to destroy the demographic make up of Europe and Christianity which they hate just as much as they do Islam. So we Europeans are facing the Islamification of our continent due to a hostile fifth column who use it to manipulate us, and to destroy us.

Natan Sharansky said:

"Jews had historically and naturally felt very much at home in the liberal, progressive parts of European society, *they were part of developing that*" he added. "Now, the ideology of liberalism has become bound-up with multiculturalism, against religion, against nationalism.

"These two forces [anti-Zionist campaigners on the Left, and Muslim radicals] are not allies, but they inevitably are co-operating and work in one direction. One side hates Jews *as a race*, the other blames Israel for being racist. Unless this changes, Jews will not continue to live in Europe.

"Europe's new ideology comes from John Lennon; let’s see the world without anyone having religion, or cultural identity, without state, without nationality. Europe has embraced this."

"Israel is proud of its national character, it wants its own borders, and that is a relic, as far as European liberals are concerned and they don’t like it," he continued.

Right lets consider what he has said, he said that Jews felt at home in the liberal progressive parts of Europe that they helped to create. Yes, the liberal progressive mentality that is destroying Europe he means, which is exactly what they aimed to do. He said the ideology of 'liberalism' has become bound up in multiculturalism, against religion and nationalism. Again, something which Jews have played a leading role in. They are against any form of European nationalism, but support Jewish nationalism. They oppose and despise Christianity, and have led the efforts to remove people from the moral foundations of Christianity and they have been at the forefront of advocating multiculturalism and multiracialism ONLY for European nations.

He does get something partly right, that being the coalition between the useful idiot left and Muslims in Europe which is mostly based on opposition to what is happening in Palestine. And to make it perfectly clear, you don't have to form coalitions with either the left or Islam to oppose what Israel is doing in Palestine.

He also admits that the Jews are a race, which he says Muslims hate them for.

Basically in Europe you have different groups opposing different things. You have the Muslims who hate Israel because of Palestine, you have the left who hate Israel because of Palestine. You also have Muslims who hate Europe and the West and would love nothing more than to see Europeans become a minority, just like the Jews and left would love nothing more than to see this. Then you have so called nationalists who only oppose Islam and who naively support Israel even though Jews opened their borders to Islam. These so called nationalists also support multiculturalism, gay rights, miscegenation etc and are only opposed to Islam making them nothing like true nationalists at all.

It is no coincidence that Jews have been prominent leaders and financiers of the counter-jihad movement, which whips up the European people into an anti-Islam frenzy and which encourages support of Israel. These Jews involved in the counter-jihad movement also support multiculturalism and all other cultural marxist ideas, but just want to create a clash of civilisations that benefits Israel, they have no real concern for, or interest in the people of Europe. The Jewish involvement in the counter-jihad movement uses Islam as sand to kick in the faces of Europeans which blinds them to the true cause of the problem.

Then you have true nationalists, who oppose Islam in Europe but who also oppose Israel and the Jewish control over our nations institutions and who dominate media, banking and politics. Real nationalists who recognise the Jewish role in the opening of our borders, and their leading role in all leftist movements. Nationalists who understand that Palestine was ethnically cleansed by Jews with the support of our treacherous political elites, and who also understand that all of the wars of the 20th and 21st century have been created to specifically benefit Jews and Israel. Nationalists who will not support Israel or Jews just because we have a major problem with Islam in Europe, a problem that Jews and their political treacherous whores have created and which the useful idiot treacherous left support.

He then went on to blame John Lennon for the state of Europe. Although John Lennon did become a hippy leftist and may have had an influence on many people through his music and political thoughts on war and peace, he certainly is not responsible for the Europe we see before us. What a ridiculous suggestion and pathetic attempt to deflect the blame from the disproportionate Jewish role in it. It would be worthwhile pointing out that the manager of the Beatles was the Jewish homosexual pervert Brian Epstein.

'let’s see the world without anyone having religion, or cultural identity, without state, without nationality'

The above is a Jewish Communist cultural marxist concept for European consumption alone. Lennon may have sang about it, but Jews enforced it, encouraged it and subversively implemented it.

He then went on to say that "Israel is proud of its national character, it wants its own borders, and that is a relic, as far as European liberals are concerned and they don’t like it."

This Jewish deceiver cannot really expect us to fall for his lies that say European liberals alone are responsible for the anti-borders mentality. Do I really need to refer you a certain Barbara Spectre and her quote about the Jewish role in opening European borders to the third world? Or the Jewish quotes about their involvement in opening American borders to the third world to benefit specifically Jewish interests. What this Jewish deception merchant means, is that Jews respect their own rights to have a national border but they do not respect the rights of European nations to have the same. When he says that 'Israel is proud of its national character,' he means its Jewish character. However he and his fellow tribal supremacists do not believe that European nations have the right to be proud of and want to preserve the European character of their nations. Hypocritical deceiver.

What he is doing is to slyly deflect attention away from the Jewish role in everything he criticises Europe for. He blames European liberals, John Lennon, Multiculturalism, Islam and the left, but nowhere does he mention the Jewish role in it all.


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